Turn Back


  • Well sit back and enjoy the ride.
  •  Think Of It As  A Story Where You Don't Want To Rush To The Ending .
  • Long ago and far away...

A little background before we begin.

Just so you know who I am, I live alone… and it works.

For example, one of my best friends, stayed at my house for couple days.

You see, I have a house that most people believe is a very comfortable house for visitors. But you see that is from their own viewpoint.

The funny thing is, it really isn’t.

But, that's by design because generally, I like to be alone.

And, when someone actually does arrive for a couple days,  I find myself walking around feeling like I must apologize constantly saying I'm sorry, I really don't have anything for us to do.

Always thinking, something for you to do is get out. I really have nothing going here. No Disneyland, no 6 flags and I am probably the most boring host you will ever stay with.

Of course my friend was tactful enough to say it was OK. "I am like that too". But I am thinking I bet he is 100 times more of a host than I am. Everyone is FFS! LOL So a boring guy I have planned and a boring guy I must be.

I guess it is because I never attended "Host school" or perhaps it is because I don't give a shit. All I know is that I do not like to be with people who don't know the definition of episiotomy or destry; those who do not believe in Karma.

 If you ever come to visit me, I would bore you into wanting to go pull weeds in my backyard.  

That's how boring my life is but it is designed that way for others.  As for me, I am never bored. LOL

In fact, I do have a spare bedroom with plenty of space.

I even have an aero bed . You know one of those blow up beds. And I hide the electric pump so they have to blow it up manually.

 I really don't want to make it attractive for people to come over. It makes a statement about me and 

that is who I am...

I also want you to to know that I believe in the USA!

​Franklin Gram Said it very well.

Time is like a river. You cannot touch the water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. In 2012, Franklin Graham was speaking at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, when he said America will not come back. He wrote:

"The American dream ended on November 6th, 2012. The second term of Barack Obama has been the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest republic in the history of mankind.

A coalition of blacks, Latinos, feminists, gays, government workers, union members, environmental extremists, the media, Hollywood, uninformed young people, the "forever needy," the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and other "fellow travelers" have ended Norman Rockwell's America.

You will never again out-vote these people. It will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take zealots, not moderates and shy, not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship and restore our beloved country to its former status.

People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will probably never again be able to legally comment on or concern myself with the aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fired.

The Cocker spaniel is off the front porch, the pit bull is in the back yard. The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and the likes of Chicago shyster David Axelrod along with international socialist George Soros have been pulling the strings on their beige puppet and have brought us Act 2 of the New World Order.

The curtain will come down but the damage has been done, the story has been told.

Those who come after us will once again have to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that this generation has timidly frittered away due to white guilt and political correctness.."


Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want,
but the realization of how much you already have.

Now let's lighten up a bit...

I was born in Chicago, IL USA April 10, 1942

My mom was an immigrant from Czechoslovakia and my dad was from Woodlawn, PA USA. I'm the guy on the right (About 1972?)


Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Sister Alice

xmas, notice the TV LOL

Mom. Grandma and grandpa

Dad and Alice

Let me ask you a question.

How does a young, happy and ready for promotion, member of the United States Air Force end up sitting in the Air Police office at 2 AM facing a dishonorable discharge and 15 years in the federal pen?

It was 4 AM on a Saturday morning. I was sound asleep when suddenly, a bright light shining in my eyes and a gruff voice shouting, "GET UP!", had the desired effect! As I shook myself awake trying to sort it all out, the events of the previous evening slowly came back to me.

You see, the United States Air Force is a great group of guys and gals and I am proud to say I was one of them!

I was NOT a pilot but my job was to make sure those brave pilots did not have a toothache when they were up in the wild blue yonder.

It was a good thing that I was because on that fateful night long ago, as I was dragged, still half asleep to an Air Police cell, I had no idea how I would survive.

The cell was,as you would imagine, about 8x8 with real metal bars. No comfort there and I had to sit on a hard metal bench. ​

Two hours later, a magnificently starched Air Policeman can walking in and said, "C'mon Tucker, I'll give yu a ride back to the barracks."

Surprised? Well I was too so let me explain how this came about.

Back in the day things were very different and if an Air Policeman was unlucky enough to "catch" a case of the "drips", he would automatically receive a dishonorable discharge. 

Now me and my brothers in the medical squadron thought that was most unfair so when a call came in from one of these poor boys, we would fix them up with the penicillin that would cure their problem and no one was the wiser.

They were very grateful and reciprocated by helping us out with a few of our indiscretions like the one I found myself in.

It seems I was driving home late one night, a bit under the influence of the local beer. Unbeknownst to me when I stopped to pick up a hitchhiker, I backed over a sign and this could have been very bad... you know, destroying government property and all that.

Fortunately for me, one of my brothers had taken care of someone on that days Air Police shift and I was given a "get out of jail free" card.

I still had to pay however because when I was dropped off, it was time to go to work and I had a pounding headache from all that beer! Oh well, live and learn...

OK, let us go back to when I was a lad of about 13 or 14. 

Grammar School was uneventful but Middle school (7th and 8th grades) was quite another story.  I mean raging hormones starting to make us guys act all funny, teachers with big hooters and all those cute girls who didn't have a clue either!

Speaking of raging hormones, they didn't just make us guys walk around with a "woody" all day, but seemed to want a lot of guys to prove how tough they were.

I didn't like fighting because I figured it was too easy to end up with a nasty scar or broken bone so I tried to make friends with anyone I could.

I remember this one boy who lived in my neighborhood who, even though he was supposed to be my friend, liked to punch me?

Early one morning while waiting for the school bus, we were throwing dirt clods back and forth to pass the time and one of mine just happened to hit him squarely in the back. 

I apologized profusely but to no avail. Right there in front of about 100 people waiting for the school bus, he yelled that he was going to kill me at lunch time. 

I was so embarrassed and scared, I almost wet my pants! 

I have no idea what any of my classes were about that morning; all I knew was I was going to get killed at high noon!

Of course by 12 o'clock, the entire school knew and I was thinking of hiding until after school but I also knew if I did not face this challenge, I would never live it down.

So at exactly 12 I was walking slowly down the alley on my way to what I believed to be my execution. I was alone except for 2 guys who were kinda sorta my friends. You know the kind; certainly not BFF's and I could tell they would have much rather been in the hugh group in front of us who were all following "John" and yelling encouragement all the way.

Well, we finally arrived at an open, 2 car garage which faced the alley. It seems the houses in this neighborhood were built with their back door facing this alley and their garage was on the other side of the alley.  

As I walked into this garage, he was already there with some girl holding his shirt as he was bouncing around throwing punches at the air. 

And then a funny thing happened. He said, "put 'em up and let's go!".

I didn't say a word.

Boxing was a very popular sport back then and it was on TV almost every night, especially Friday. My dad watched it religously but me not so much.

I did watch some of the bouts which are now considered famous and having no formal training, I tried to imitate the actions of what I had seen on TV.

As we closed for combat, I could see he was very mad and it almost looked like steam was coming out of his nose. 

He through the first punch which I easily blocked and instantly all of the fear was gone!

I just knew I had nothing to fear and as it turned out, he could not land a punch! 

I have no idea why but every punch he through was easily blocked and  severely countered. To this day I have no idea where this skill came from but I was so happy it did.

As the fight was in progress, the crowd was silent. Apparently their "favorite" wasn't doing as well as they had expected.

I pummelled him at will and he had no defense against the mighty blows which rained down on his face.   I was actually having fun!

The fight, lasted for all of about 15 minutes, his eyes were swollen almost shut and the blood was running from his nose and mouth.  

It all ended abruptly when 2 elderly ladies came out on their back porch and started to yell at me for beating up on this poor boy! 

Ha! If they only knew.

As I walked back to school, still with only 2 comrades, followed by a very quite crowd, I reviewed in my mind what had just occurred and was totally confused. I felt NONE of his blows of which NONE actually landed except on my forearms as they were blocked but there was NO PAIN. Adrenalin? 

All I can say is that after that day, I was treated with a great deal of respect and it seemed everyone wanted to be my friend. It doesn't pay to be e bully and as it is said, "Karma is a bitch!".

Funny how things turn out eh?


I very vividly remember my first day in High School!

I was only 14, having skipped the 5th grade and all I remember seeing were older kids, none of whom I knew.

As I walked around the campus that first day trying to find my classrooms, I realized I was all alone and I was scared. I wanted to run and hide until it was time to go home and never return. 

Have you ever felt that way? 

We had gym class every day and I remember how excited I was about gym class because it included swimming and soccer and all kinds of neat sports. What I didn't count on was the after gym class showers which were not separate but "all together" and they were mandatory.

Remember, I was only 14 and the only hair I had on my balls was peachfuzz!  and to make it worse, on the first day I discovered the class that was coming in next while we were in the showers were SENIORS! 

My self-confidence was at an all time low and of course the seniors were not going to let an opportunity like this go by without doing everything they could to make us freshmen feel like dog shit.

I was so embarrassed and wondered if any of my classmates felt the same? 

Well, that day my shower was over in about 35 seconds and I was trying to get back to my locker as fast as I could.

Shivering from the cold and the floor being slippery from the shower water, I had to move a lot slower than I wanted. OMG, what a day!

But I got through it and all the way home on the school bus, I was thinking about the 179 days of school remaining until I was a sophomore. :(

I remember early on I hated English but I was in love with my teacher. LOL Tall, thin and with nice boobs which she loved to show off. You know us teenage boys; the testosterone is way up and with all those girls running around we walked around with a "woody" 50% of the time. 

There was one girl who was a junior named Barbara who I thought was just fantastic. I stopped loving my English teacher and was madly in love with her.

Sadly, she was a Junior so we had no classes together but I did make every opportunity to say hi when I saw her. When I discovered she only dated guys who were out of school, I was very disappointed.

However, there is a part 2 to the Barbara story that happened later at the 20 year class reunion. Maybe we will get to that if I have time to squeeze it in.

I loved Math, Geometry Trig and I played in the band. Music was a passion and playing an instrument in the band in front of an audience was a turn-on.

Time passed and as I grew older, I grew hair in my crotch which made me feel a lot better. Gym class was no longer a problem and a lot more fun.

During my junior year, two events occurred which changed my life forever!

The first was that I met Pat M. 

Pat was different.

Not only was she attractive and had a body which really turned me on but she was really "cool". That was both a good thing and a bad thing because although she was "cool", she hung out with the cool kids... and I was definitely NOT "cool"! As it turns out however, the "Story of Pat" has a tragic ending...

I first met Pat when I was a sophomore and she was a freshmen. It was "LOVE" at first site! The problem was, she had a boyfriend of sorts. 

Time passed and it seemed that whenever I was free, she had a boyfriend; when she was free, I was going out with someone.

As luck (all bad) would have it, she got pregnant and back in the day, that meant only one thing; She had to leave school.

Time passed and I discovered she had married the baby's father. (knowing about Pat's father, there was probably a shotgun involved?) 

More time passed, and suddenly she was back in school!

The problem was that she had married a bad man who  abused her. She often came to school with a black eye and bruises.

Again, knowing her father, the marriage didn't last long and before I knew it, she was divorced and I had a big smile on my face.

This was at the end of my Junior year in June 1958 and soon I would be on my way to Placerville, CA USA to work for the summer on a real live cattle ranch! My uncle had made an arrangement of sorts with one of the ranchers who owed him a favor. I was so excited I couldn't wait!

Looking back, I always wonder what my life would have been like if I had NOT taken that summer job? It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to to choose the left fork in the trail, instead of the right, thereby changing your life forever without you even knowing it!

The was dozing off as the vehicle I was in arrived in a cloud of dust with the temperature hovering close to 100 degrees. Back in the day, no AC so I was sweat-soaked and cranky. As I alighted from the vehicle, I had trouble focusing through the waves of heat. When I walked closer, all that was in view was a broken down barn, a small house and sun burnt fields.

There was no one to greet us and I wondered what was going on. Did my uncle bring me to the wrong place?

Suddenly the door of the house opened and a pleasant looking lady beckoned to me to come in.

The living room was "homey" with a plastic covered couch and a picture on the wall of "Dogs Playing Cards". On the mantle were 2 candles and some photos of young kids. A small ivy plant was on the window sill that looked like it hadn't been watered since christmas.

I was hoping there would be an air conditioner but the breeze I felt was from an evaporator cooler!

I had been promised $125 plus room and board for the summer and deep down inside I knew that plastic covered couch was to be my "Room"!

My "hours" were 5am-9 pm or when the work was done, 7 days a week with every other Saturday night off. 

Every morning when I arose after a sweaty night on that plastic couch, the air was filled with the smell of eggs and bacon; sausage, pancakes and syrup, fried potatoes, grits and plenty of coffee. I wondered who was going to eat all that food?

After I cleaned up, brushed my teeth and dressed, I went to the table at which now sat 5 other people. 

Ray (the boss), Marie (Ray's wife), Archie (Ray's father, and 2 other guys who I guessed were "ranch hands". 

At first I didn't eat much but that changed very quickly. By the time the next week started I was eating everything in site: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, potatoes, toast and more than one helping of each! The strange part was that I was losing weight...

The first day I was introduced to my horse and learned very quickly how to saddle a horse so that when I mounted and the horse let the air out, the saddle wouldn't slide off with me in it!

The first task was to move the herd up to summer pasture where it was cooler and water was plentiful. This took a few weeks as we had to move them along the roads because by then there was no open range.

The cattle were placed in small meadows where both grass and water were plentiful. 

Once that was finished I was informed that my boss had contracts with the government to keep some of the many trails passable for the mail, medical people and forest rangers. 

Every morning we would load the truck with chain saws, extra blades, metal wedges and a packed lunch; we wouldn't be anywhere near a food truck or Mickey Dees.

Once our horses and the pack horse were loaded, off we went.

We would ride along the trail until we came upon a downed tree blocking the trail where we would unload the equipment, load up and ride down the trail.

Working on this kind of job taught me  lot of things and not paniking when in a tight situation was one of them. 

One day as we were about to start down the trail, a ranger came up and stopped us. He informed us that there was a fire in the woods and I was being conscripted to find the fire and help contain it. 

WTF! Was this legal?

Anyway, after gathering a small group, off we went. As the day went on, we went further and further down the trail with the ranger calling in on his radio from time to time.

Speaking of radios, back then these 2-way radios were a LOT bigger than today,s radios... a lot bigger. It felt like carrying a baby on your back.

So onward we went and as the sun went down and us with zero equipment, we backtracked to the last place we crossed the creek and started a fire.

No sleeping bags, no food, no water. Nice planning.

So here we are and as the night came on, the temperature dropped and soon everyone was huddling around the fire. 

Funny thing about trying to sleep around a fire. You have to turn over every 15 minutes like a piece of meat on a spit. If you are facing the fire, your butt gets cold. LOL

The next morning, we took a different direction. It seems the spotters, those rangers in those towers located in the middle of nowhere had given us a new direction. The problem was that there was no trail in that direction!

As the sun rose high in the sky and the temperature rose, it didn't touch us because there were so many trees.

I was glad the ranger had a compass.

By that time, having no water (even back then I didn't trust the creek) I was getting dehydrated and feeling a but shaky but luckily, about 30 minutes later we crested the mountain we were on and spotted what was left of the fire.

It was just a smoldering bunch of tree snags on the very steep side of that slope.

Now the fun began. We had to score a deep line in the dirt around the entire fire. Not easy work. 

Everyone was dehydrated and starving. It wouldn't be too much longer and we all would be fainting.

And right at that time I heard the noise of an engine. I looked up and saw a plane which started to circle our location.

After the second pass, A parachute bloomed with a box attached and I wondered what that was?

It hit the ground fairly close to me and everyone ran over to it and started to rip it open. 

When we saw what was in it we all started to cheer as bottles of water could be seen glistening in the sun.

There were cans of corn and steaks and we sat down and ate until we were all stuffed :)

The fire wasn't much but those smoldering trees had to be cut down and there was no chainsaw.

The ranger had called in and asked his contact to call ray and ask him to bring the chainsaws. Guess who had to meet Ray and the chainsaws where the trail crossed the creek and we had slept. OMG! I was gonna wander off into the forest, get lost and get eaten by a wild animal!

But I calmed down and kept my head. 

So on the way I realized I would once again have to find the fire. I figured I knew the general direction of the creek and on the way I hacked a mark on the trees as I moved along. This would make it easy to find our way back.

I will say it was kinda spooky being in a dense forest on the way to the meeting spot all alone. And I did find my way, meet Ray, and lead him back to the fire. He, quickly cut down the snag which was put out and we packed up and departed for home. We made it by nightfall and when I hit that couch I slept like a baby :)


Ray, my boss, was a good guy and worked his ass off like the rest of us. The days rolled by quickly with not much to tell except one saturday night on my night off a friend of mine had fixed me up with a blind date and it was decided (by them, not me) that we were going to see Billy Graham. 

Me, not being the religious type, only agreed to go after I met my companion for the evening. 

We arrived at this open air field, sort of like a high school football field with bleachers. As we pulled into the parking area, we could see that the program had already started.

My friend who had fixed me up had brought some paper cups and liquid refreshment and since we were late anyway we decided to go to the "submarine races".

I have to admit that the only reason I am telling you this is because at the time I was only 16 and had vertually no experience with women.

The good thing was I had grown at least 6 inches and filled out losing that pudgy look. Of course I thought I was hot shit LOL

So here I was in the back seat sitting about as far away as I could trying to make some kind of conversation and the sound of "oh" and "ah" and rapid breathing coming from the front seat left no doubt as to what was happening up there.

I had no idea what to do but I just knew I had to do something LOL

So, not being "cool", and trying to be as unobtrusive and possible, I slide over next to my lady friend. 

Having watched a number of movies in which the man would kiss the lady on the neck, I did the same and OMG she seemed to like it. 

So of course needing something else to do, I started to feel around and she seemed to like that also.

A problem developed when I slide my hand under her dress and up her thigh and she grabbed my hand and said something like, "Oh no, not that!". 

OMG, I was caught! Now what...?

Thankfully she was older than me and as it turned out more experienced than I was because when I asked her why, she replied that she was saving herself for her boyfriend who was in the navy!

Well I could respect that, but of course my dick was hard and throbbing like the Geddy Lee's bass guitar!

I just knew this was going nowhere fast but suddenly I felt her unzipping my fly and opening my zipper.

I thought "WTF?" , but the next thing I know is she has somehow freed Willy and slowly rubbing my cock up and down.

Not wanting to discourage this nice young lady, I slide down in the seat (older cars had much more room in the back seat than cars of today) and opened the button on my pants so she would have better access and hoping for a happy ending.

The next thing I know she is kissing my cock and sliding her wet lips all around on the head. 

As her lips continued their exciting travels, all I could do was hope it didn't stop when suddenly her wet and slippery lips plunged down my shaft. I felt her lips almost kiss my balls and I could feel the cum building and I realized what deep throat really meant.

She started to caress my balls while sucking the head of my cock. I was going crazy and I just wanted more.

I could see she had moved from the floor so she was laying kinda sideways on the seat. Her dress was up, her panties were down and I could see her fingers rubbing round and round on her clit. 

I had been playing with her nipples which, by now, were rock hard and I could see she was turned on to the max.

My hand moved down to her pussy and I started to rub her clit with my middle finger. She started to move against my fingers and I started to rub around her wet pussy. 

As she pushed harder, my fingers went deeper into her wet and slippery pussy and my thumb rubbed her clit.

I moved my fingers to her mouth and she started to suck my her juice from my fingers.

I pushed her back on the seat and started to suck on her now exposed nipples. Her moaning started to get faster as I moved lower and lower until I reached her clit. 

My tongue went round and round as her hands were in my hair pushing me in further and further.

She was so wet and my face was covered by her cum when I felt her pulling me up and as we kissed, I felt her tongue in my mouth.

Her legs were spread wide and I felt my cock rubbing against the wetness of her pussy. 

I was just about to grab my cock and start fucking when I felt her hand rubbing the head of my cock around the lips of her slippery, wet pussy. 

She took me inside and we started to move together as her legs went round me pulling me inside.

I knew this would not last long as I knew I could not hold out very long. 

As she moved against me, the rhythm got faster and fast. Her breathing was so fast it sounded like she was running a race. Faster and faster, there was no stopping it now.

Suddenly, her legs tightened like a vise and she went rigid and that was it for me.  I started to cum and wond3ered if it would ever stop. 

We lay there in each others arms for a short while and when I could again see, I sat up and was about to pull up my pants when I saw her sit up, bend over and start to suck my cock now lathered in my cum as well as her cum. 

I let her have her way thinking I was too spent to enjoy it but suddenly I felt myself get hard once again! She was so good and I couldn't believe it.

It only took a short while and although I was amazed, I felt myself spewing another huge load of cum and she swallowed every drop.  

She sat up, put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips forcing her tongue into my mouth. I wondered if drinking my own cum was ok but then I realized it must be an honor of high satisfaction from a woman. Well at least I thought of it that way at the time.

The couple in the front seat had finished long ago but were courteous enough to give us our time. Of course they probably were watching and that probably turned them on LOL

As we pulled away to take the ladies to dinner, I thought to myself, "I will never be the same." 

Traveling back to my plastic couch, it dawned on me I had learned a lot that evening. 

I never heard from her again which in hind site is probably a good thing.

The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was that even though I felt a lot more "cool", I better start reading some books. LOL

​​​​​​​​​School started soon after I arrived home and I WAS A SENIOR!

Pat and I reconnected and as the months rolled on, Pat and I became closer and I was going to be playing Varsity football. I couldn't wait to graduate! But best of all the kids treated me a lot different.

Maybe it was because I was now over 6 feet tall and had filled out? My confidence had increased while I was away and I noticed that many more girls were saying "HI".

I don't remember much from that year except the closer graduation came and everyone was talking about college, the more I realized I didn't want anymore school. 

As the school year rolled along, Pat and I spent a lot of time together and one day she shyly asked me to come over for dinner with her parents, oh my!

Having spent most of our time with her Aunt and Uncle, two wonderful people, I only had seen her parents a couple times to say hello so dinner was a big deal.

I won't spend a lot of time except to say that night was just like you see in the movies i.e. father grilling the man with all kinds of question and the man sweating bullets withe mother and daughter giggling into their napkin. LOL

It seemed like forever but it was finally over and Pat and I went up to Loraine and Tommy's where we laughed a lot and then left. I walked Pat home and then went home myself.


My dad insisted I to go to college so in the fall of 1959 I enrolled at City College of San Francisco.  

At the time, I had no idea about a major so I picked pre-pharmacy because we had to pick something. I am so glad the USAF happened and Pharmacy never materialized.

I was 17, and school was boring. I wanted a job while I was in school so I could have money for a car etc. So I took a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant working from 5pm to 1am. 

This didn't work too well for school because I fell asleep in 8 am history 3 times a week, I dropped calc 1 and my dad was not happy. The first semester ended with a D- average.

It was about that time that the cook, a nice guy named Wally, decided to have a heart attack one night. After we called 911, the boss told me to take over as cook and let the dishes go. That continued and I was happy making more money... but I still fell asleep LOL

The only problem was my dad was not happy.

The fact was that I was miserable and I also knew from working in the restaurant that I could never work for anyone and be happy. Me and bosses just didn't play well together.

So when a couple of my buddy's said they were joining the United States Air Force, and I was flunking out of college anyway. I decided it was time for a change.

My dad was not happy at all.

The problem was that being only 17, my dad would not sign for me.


So, I waited it out and when my 18th birthday arrived, I signed up and left in June for Lackland AFB and basic training.

My Dad was so pissed he disowned me...

Back to pat... But just for a bit...

I will return to the USAF shortly.

When I departed for basic training, Pat and I were a couple and her parents were very happy figuring we would marry. However as fate would have it, the Air Force decided that after basic I was going to the Philippine Islands for 2 years.

For a short while, Pat and I wrote regularly with occasional hard line phone calls. There was no skype or cell phones. Matter of fact there was no internet LOL.

One day, about 3 months in, I received a "Dear John" and as many of you who have experienced the same letter know, I was crushed...

I went to town every night, hooked up with a lady and drank a lot of beer.

Eventually I got over it and figured it was the last I would hear about Pat... But I was wrong.

Fast forward a couple decades and I was a dentist and it was time for some continuing ed. 

I traveled to California and stayed at the house with my mom and dad as I usually did when I had a CE course in that area. So one day the phone rings and guess who? It is Pat! 

She tells me she is coming over as she has to tell me something.  So 10 minutes later she pulls up, I go out and get in and away we go. 

As we drove along, I couldn't help notice she had gained a "few" pounds and looked kind of "porky". I remember thinking that maybe I wasn't so unlucky after all.

The car car to a stop at the entrance to the development in which my house was located and parks at the curb.

We sat there for awhile just looking at each other and I couldn't help thinking she was still beautiful.

The sounds of the cars rushing by seemed to fade and all I could hear was the sounds of the air moving in and out of my nose. 

Finally she looks directly into my eyes and says, "I want to apologize. I am so sorry I hurt you. breaking up with you was the biggest mistake in my life. My life has been miserable ever since and I am miserable." and leans over and gives me a big kiss.

Now this leaves me wondering as in,"WTF?".  So she goes on to explain she has never been happy since we split and she is on her 3rd marriage. Although he is a nice guy, she is miserable. 

I really didn't know what to say... I was stunned!

I was silent for a while and when my composure returned, I asked her a couple of lame questions. ​

Thinking I was over her was foolish because in all reality I wasn't.

The problem was however, I was still hurting from the way it had ended. She must have sensed it because without another word she started the car and took me home. As I got out of the car I waved goodbye knowing it was the last time we would see each other.

The next day I left for my current home in Pennsylvania. I didn't really know what to believe and thought about calling her aunt but didn't.

Her aunt must have felt I was thinking of calling because a short time later, my phone rings and it is Aunty Loraine. No "Hi's" or How are you doing", no sir, she just blurts it out.  "Woody, I have some bad news.", "Pat just died."! She went on to explain that ever since we split, Pat had been miserable. She would come over all the time and whenever she came over, all she talked about was us. She was drinking a lot and had been for many years!

I told her I was so sorry, we talked a bit more and the call ended. 

I did not forget about it for a long time and every New Years eve, I would call Loraine and wish her a "Happy New Year".  

We would commiserate a bit about all the things that should have been and hang up, telling each other that the new year would be better.

Should I have followed up after the Dear John... tried to talk her out of it or at least stayed in touch?

Could I have done something to prevent it?

I will never know...

And Oh My I forgot all about Mary Ann...

Mary Ann was a delightful female I fortunately met around the time of my USAF discharge. The reason I said fortunate was because I had no place to stay and had just gotten my first divorce.

Having married a beautiful lady from the Philippines she had to wait about six months before she could make the trip. When she arrived, I had once again become accustomed to folks with no accent. So when she deplaned I was shocked at how she sounded. Heavy accent... 

Anyway, It lasted about a year and I realized that with me wanting to go to dental school it probably would be like an anchor. Things were very different at that time and people looked very unfavorably on any kind of mixed marriages.

So, Mary Ann really was a life saver she invited me to dinner every night and in the day I hung out and cleaned her pool. 

Her dad was not very happy but he let her hasve free reign :)

happily she was the horny type and would do anything to please me. I remember we were in her basement watching TV and I was half asleep when suddenly I felt a hand slide down my pants and encircle my cock. It only took a second and I was rock hard and wide awake.

As I looked up I could see she had an evil grin on her now moist lips.

As she unzipped my pants, I felt like the air was electrified because we could hear her mother upstairs doing the dishes and of course, not trusting me, she was liable to come bouncing down at any moment like she usually did when she wanted to go to bed herself.

Being young and foolish however, we threw caution to the wind and by this time my cock was so stiff I doubt I could zip up my pants if I had to!

 She knew what to do and I just sat back and sighed as I felt her moist lips encircle the head of my rigid cock.

She took me in deeper and deeper as her hands softly stroked my balls. 

The tension mounted as she slowly moved up and down sucking and licking.

I was pretty turned on myself by now and I wasn't going to just sit there and let her have all the fun so I layed down on the couch and she moved over me hardly missing a stroke.

She knew what was going on and as we both were lying sideways I lifted her skirt and discovered she was sans pantys.

I could see she was clean shaven and slowly took her clit between my lips and lightly sucked. 

Her moan became more urgent as my tongue slide into her pussy. She pulled her sweater up and I could see her nipples were as hard as my cock. 

As I sucked on her clit and massaged her nipples, I could feel her fingers sliding into her V. 

By now my face was covered with her moist juices and her VJ had become so engorged I could fit 3 fingers and my tongue at the same time.

By this time we both moaning (quietly of course) and ready to cum. 

As she pulled me up, I felt her hand guiding me into her cunt. 

She kissed me hard and I felt her tongue go deep as her hips thrust up against me hard.

It didn't take long and we both exploded at the same time. 

As we calmed down, and were sitting together, I was gently rubbing her pussy, feeling her wetness when she leaned over, took my cock in her mouth and started sucked my cum and licking my balls.

I was ready to go again and sge wanted to but I knew her mother was just about due...

I stood up and zipped my pants which, as it turned out was a good thing as her mother came bouncing down the stairs. 

She, as usual, told me it was time to leave, so I bid everyone adeau and departed using my hands to shield the stains on my pants. I never knew if her mother knew I was screwing her daughter but I think she did


She left for business school in Wilmington and since I, at that point didn't have a clue, I moved up there and got a job in a shoe store.

Shortly after we broke up. As it turns out she was a bit too childish and I moved on.

I now go back to the USAF story so you do not feel lost...

Basic Training or How I got in to Dental School

Basic training usually lasts 8 weeks after which you are sent to your first tech school. This training can be anywhere from a few weeks to over 2 years. The one thing that is always foremost is that you go where the Air Force needs you no matter what the recruiter told you. 

So, after eight weeks of basic training, I was sent to basic medical specialist or the guy who empties the bedpans LOL

Before you leave you are sent to Personnel Awaiting Training School or PATS. Now PATS is a funny place as it has no TI or Training Instructor. What it does have are a few guys who run the place and the rest, most of whom have to get up at 4 am to go on KP or kitchen police peeling potatoes or washing dishes in the various chow halls as they are called.

On the first day, you wait in a long line which slowly advances to a room where you check in. It usually short and sweet and while you are standing at attention, you are assigned to one of groups that keep the barracks clen etc. This includes the Latrine etc.

So when I finally get to the door, knock and am allowed to enter, who do I see sitting behind the desk with 3 other guys but a someone who I had befriended in basic by the name of Marvin. 

Marvin recognizes me and immediately tells the BOSS guy we are buddies and so I end up with nothing to do but sit on my ass.

So I pass my time doing what I want until school.

Finally orders come down, I say goodbye to Marvin and a few other friends I have made and I head over to the school barracks which does have a TI.

I do not know how it is now but back then there were a LOT of very strange people at Lackland who had absolutely no ethics. Kinda scary...

So first day we were are the TI gives us the scary speech i.e. don't do this, don't do that or you go to jail... YIKES!

But he makes me Barracks Chief FFS and away we go... I had my own room instead of being with 30 guys in an open bay and a few other perks.

Now don't forget, this is a school for Medical special specialist and I am not happy about it.  So after about 5 weeks the TI tells me it is ok for me to go to the airman's club and have a beer or whatever and I can take a couple guys with me. 

So, of course, that night away we go.

After a few beers we return feeling no pain and instead of going right to bed we decide to raise a little hell and run through a few of the other barracks and wake guys up.

I know, stupid but what are you gonna do? LOL

So the next day, we get called up to the CO, 3 of us standing at attention. We get dressed down for awhile and when they asked me if I had anything to say, I informed them that my TI had given us permission.

So the CO turns to the TI and asks if this is true and he looks me in the eye and denies it, swearing I am lying.

So we lost our stripe (no big deal) but the important thing no one knew the impact of, at the time, was we were washed back 2 weeks in training.

The effect of this was when we finished, new orders would be cut which in my case were to go to dental specialist school.

You ever experience something similar? You do something stupid and you come out smelling like a rose!

makes me wonder about karma...

off to alabama with no banjo on my knee

When first we arrived at dental specialist school I had no idea what it was about as in what would I be doing. 

We out aving to learn 200 dental instruments and their exact position in whatever drqwer to whicdh they were assigned. Moreover, we were required, from a mixed up pile,  to put them in their correct slot and in the correct drawer... All in less than 5 minutes!

Everyone freaked but as it turned out, it was easy LOL

About the 2nd week, orders came down for general assignments. They had no names on them just that Germany needed 2 guys and Chicago needed 4 etc.

Of course everyone wanted to be assigned overseas, but the way they were assigned was that the student with the highest would get 1st choice, the 2nd highest would get next choice and on down the line.

I finished 3rd out of 60 guys and so I got 3rd pick. The first two guys picked Germany, which left me with a bunch of USA picks which I did not want so I picked the Philippines.

Two days later, I was on my way to Dallas, Tx where I changed planes to one of the first jets (1960) and on to San Francisco, CA and 30 days leave.

you ever wish you had tried a little harder for something? 

I sure did... but as it turns out, i was very happy to have gotten assigned where i was going, so don't complain before you know what to complain about.

36 hour plane ride here i come

We departed Travis AFB California and as we rose into the sky I had mixed emotions about leaving. Would we not make it and crash into the Pacific Ocean? Were the girls friendly and good looking? LOL BTW, consider yourself lucky we now have speedy jets to take us from one place to another. Back then it was all props.

The first leg of the journey was about 13 hours to Hawaii and the next was 11 hours to Guam. 12 hours to Wake Island and finally 12 to the PI as everyone called the Philippine Islands.

OK, I have been away for awhile because I have been all alone... Boo Hoo... at the office the only dentist so been kind of busy...

Get over it.


So we landed in the Philippines and it was 100 degrees...

Anyway, we were taken to the barracks and checked in and assigned to our rooms where we would be sleeping.

It was really interesting because here we were in a foreign country living in a dormitory 2 men to a room with no air conditioning.

All we had were fans but the good thing was that we had house boys (not my words) but that’s what they were.

These guys that we paid 10 pesos a week which at that time was about $3, did our laundry ironed our shirts and pants and uniforms for work, kept the rooms clean, took out the garbage, made the beds and they made it very “homey”.

So I swear to God, the first day and night that we were there, we just had to go to town to see what it was like.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that this was a big mistake and as it turned out that was.

So me and a friend of mine walked into a bar (I have to tell you in retrospect these girls are very talented and they knew that we were fresh arrivals)

anyway we thought we were cool so we looked around at a couple of beers and finally 2 young ladies came up and introduced himself and we bought them a drink and everybody was laughing and having a good time, the end result of which was we ended up going home with them.

Without getting into details, important part of this first little escapade, is that I slept with my wallet and IDs under my pillow.

My buddy, did not do the same.

After the entertainment was over (I’m not telling you about this because it was really nothing exciting) I fell asleep.

For some reason I woke up sometime later and as I looked out onto the room, checking to see that my wallet was still under my pillow, I saw a hand come out of the floor, grabbed my friends pants and pulled them down out of sight.

I jumped out of bed, ran over the chair, and as the hand was withdrawing into some unknown abyss, I stopped on the hand and was pleasantly surprised when I heard a yelp.

In any case I grabbed the pants, through them over on the bed were my friend was sleeping, grabbed my clothes and got dressed quickly, and left faster than you can say Rip van Winkle.

As the days rolled along and we learned more, it seemed that we were learning new lessons every day.

One of the things that I discovered was that it might be a good idea to learn language so that I could speak to the local people.

So, I approached one of the hygienists, who was a local higher, and a very nice lady, and asked her if she would teach me Tagalog.

So she started to write down little phrases and I memorize them.

The interesting thing is that I was not afraid to put them in the practice.

And so when I would go to town, which was every day, I would use these phrases. Interesting enough, the more I use them the more I retained, and within 6 months I could speak Tagalog almost like a native.

I didn’t know it at the time but this was to prove to be a very valuable asset.

As you may remember, I was assigned to work in the dental clinic as a dental assistant. The rules were a little bit lax and so I ended up being more like a hygienist. I clean teeth took x-rays and helped the dentist.

The fun part was that our schedule, because of a new commander, turned out to be to shift. One was from 7 AM to 1 PM the other was from 1 PM to 7 PM.

As it turned out I ended up on the 1 PM to 7 PM shift which was wonderful.

I could sleep as late as I wanted, and then go to work. But I was off at 7 PM and I would go to town at that time.

The interesting thing was that I ended up waking up early in the morning and going to town around 9 o’clock in the morning. In all of the girls who were “bar girls”, I got to be good friends with.

It seems like they love to play mah-jongg and so did I, and since I was so adept at playing mah-jongg, I ended up taking all their money. And while it wasn’t a lot of money, which I would return to them when we finished playing and they had to go to “work”, I got to be great friends with many of the local working girls.

This turned out to be an advantageous relationship because there was a curfew and at midnight we were all supposed to be back on the base. No one was allowed in town after 12 midnight.

However, I could stay in town as long as I wanted to and when the air police came in to check the bars they would hide me in some secret place and when the air police left would start all over again.

And when I left the bar after 12 o’clock midnight, and I needed a place to sleep, I could go knock on any of many doors, and I can sleep on the couch even if they were in bed with one of their “friends”.

There were many many many encounters of the 4th kind whatever that is LOL. But one comes to mind that was very interesting.

There was a girl name Remy who was what they call a mestiza.(sp?)

Remy was a very attractive woman who was the size of a normal American woman. Most Filipino women are shorter than American women.

And she was very attractive, I would say beautiful.

In any case Remy and I hooked up and developed a relationship wherein I sort of kind of lived with her.

The interesting thing was a good friend of mine who worked 7 AM to 1 PM discovered this relationship, and went down (he was a smooth dude)

developed a relationship with her and started sleeping with her.

One day when I went to “my house”, she got in my face and decided to tell me that she was sleeping with this other guy. And the interesting thing is that about that time he came rolling up and she was egging us on trying to start a fight between us. It seems that, as I found out later after talking to several of my friendly girls in the bars, that was her MO. She like to see fighting and she like to get to guys fighting over her.

However, at this time, after Roy and I discussed the situation, him telling me he wanted a fight over her, I just told him “if you wanted dude, you can have her”.

And I walked away.

I was very proud of myself that day and believe me I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

Another interesting time was a trip to Manila - 70 miles on a "bus"  LOL

There were 4 of us, all great buddies...

When we arrived at the bus station in Manila, we ALWAYS stopped off at the "NEW LIFE CLINIC" LOL, a euphemism of course.

One time I remember, we went in and the way it worked was the Mamasan showed us her girls and we chose who we wanted  to give us a  "massage".

Well there was a guy named Gary in the group and as I was laying there getting massaged, all of a sudden we all here the rocking and a socking LOL.

So we all got up and went to look and there was Gary on top of the "Massage Therapist" throwing the coal on the fire... LOL

So we all started to cheer and clap and the Mamasan came running and yelling something about that her girls did not do that and she ran a clean place etc LOL

We all got dressed , paid our bill (Gary paid extra LOL) and we left for our hotel.

You know in thinking back that last section might have been kinda boring...

The only thing interesting was I got married and brought back to the USA a Philippine Girl....

But I can't stop now.

Okay, so one of the girlfriends I had there in the Philippine Islands was one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen in my life.
And I found out was that she was part of a family that was in the politics. In other words she was very well connected.
So things went along as one would expect and our relationship got more involved.
Her name was Emily.
She was a real sweetheart.
So we had been hooked up for a month or 2 and it seemed like it was really comfortable.
So one night when we were having dinner at her family home (which was kind of palatial as I remember it)
one of the guests was a good looking guy from Australia as I remember it.
I didn’t think anything of it until I walked out onto the veranda to enjoy my postprandial cocktail. And I walked in on a discussion between Emily and this good looking guy.
I have to say that when I heard was one of the best lines that one can never hear or see in a movie.
When I walked in, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and put my arm around her.
She appeared uncomfortable and I asked her what was going on.
At that point she spoke the famous words:
I want to introduce you to Calvin.
Of course, being the gracious person I am LOL.
I stuck out my hand as a gesture of friendship.
Emily turned to look at me, and said “I want to introduce you to my husband”
wow! I have to tell you that sort of freaked me out.
I mean “really”!
Subsequently, when I rotated back to the states I found myself in situations very similar to this but at this point my life I never imagined that this could occur.
I mean Emily was a “good girl” and I just couldn’t believe what I had heard.
In any case, the guy took me aside and explained that they had a very unique relationship.
It seems that he was in love with a woman from Saudi Arabia and keep the charade going his marriage to Emily was impaired.
Well, young that I was an inexperienced, etc. freaked and that was the last time I saw Emily.
Today of course, I would’ve taken it in stride and been very helpful in maintaining their subterfuge.
In any case, you can see that I had many very interesting assignations.
When I was in the Philippine Islands.

And of course there was Mila, the one I married.

I actually worked in that shoe store for two years as it was fun BUT by that time I was 24 and knew if I didn't get it together, I would be there forever...yuck!

Big problem was I had no money as I only made enough to pay the bills but fortnately for my my boss had a friend who had a friend to whom I was introduced...

Being broke with a crappy job and still have a bit of undergrad to complete, I was able to rationalize what came next... and Joan came next.

She was good looking and had a great job so as it turned out there was an apartment across the hall from hers and I moved in.

We started to get together as we were so close... and I was broke anyway. Soon after, to save money of course, I moved in with her.

I quit the shoe store got a job selling GREAT BOOKS OF THE WESTERN WORLD at night, and went to University of Delaware to finish the required courses necessary for dental school.

It wasn't easy but I worked hard, made some good money and finished my requirements.

As far as sex goes, Joan did not like to participate...

No Internet back then so I sent out a request to eight schools for their admittance pack. I was accepted at four and picked Northwestern University... basically because my aunt and grandparents lived there in Chicago :)

Joan and I had gotten married, I guess because she loved me or thought she did... I apparently had other reasons.

as it turned out, when it was time for Chicogo, Joan did not want to go. She had changed jobs and now was workind for a black Judge. She spent many nights over there watching his kids because his wife had passed. I guess she fell in love with them?

So Middle of August, she still had not made up her mind so I just hit the road! 

2 weeks later she called me and was crying. She missed me...

Problem was I really didn't want to go back for her but I knew I needed some help financially so I drove back and returned the next day.

We stayed with my aunt until she got a job and we had an apartment. 

Not much to tell here as the next four years were filled with only 4 hours of sleep a night...

My dad always told me I would never amoubt to anything but he had to give in by the time I started my senior year and he even came to my graduation!

I was finally a dentist but the funny thing is that even toough you get a diploma, pass all the boards and get a licence, they do not give you any money LOL

Can You Imagine? I Felt like I was involved in  spy or CIA Movie!

Joan and I were still married and we moved to Pennsylvania. Her mother lived there; Not my first choice but what choice did I have?

I went to work as an associte but after a week I knew that wouldn't work. So, two months later I was out of a job. It was all for the best as you will see.

When You Are Broke, Ask For More!

I was broke and knew I could only work for myself but where was I going to get the cash to open my own business?

Well back then things were very very different and a VP at one of the banks knew that Joan's mother was a good customer there.

He introduced me to the president and after a short bit of repartee, he asked me how much I wanted. I timidly told him 150K to which his response was something like, Oh that's not enough, sure you don't need more? So I said 200K and instantly had a line of credit for two hundred thousand dollars which back then was almost like 750K would be today!

Exciting things to come.

In one of my opratories and below is one of my sisters who worked with me for awhile.

At this point I had no income and having no training in business had no idea concerning what I was doing or even what I wanted.

Word got around that I was looking (funny how that just happens in a small town) and I had a multitude of calls suggesting this or that. Long story short, I bought a house on the main Rt 6 highway that works its way through town for 130K. 3 stories but the owner had been using the first floor as a lawn mower repair shop :)

My at the time brother-in-law was a contractor and he was more than helpful but I had no idea as to a floorplan. I looked around in books and came up with what I believed to be good and went for it; no delays. I had no income.

When it was finished, we had already moved into the second and third floors which turned out to be quite amenable to just living. The SWISH of cars running by outside seemed to diminish as time went on; of couse alcohol had something to do with all that. 

Day 1 was like a spectacular orgasm... 

Sex between the wife and I had turned to shit so I had resorted to masturbation which was a relief in more ways than one; wifey's mood improved and she spent an enlarged amount of time with her sister. Now back to work.

I needed to hire a hygienist, assistants and a front desk person and being a boss who loved thin beautiful women, I could hire whomever I chose.

Equipment was another issue; you know, xrays, suction, dental chairs. etc.

I needed patients.

The Hygienist:

Cindi answered an ad in the paper and unfortunately, when she came for the interview I was not alone; this made it very uncomfortable as the vibes were loud and clear. 

She was small than most, very out-going and as she was speaking I envisioned her without her pants and whether she was clean shaven or had cute little curls. I could tell that she and Joan were not going to ascribe to the same mores. 

Obviously she was hired.


I had my mind set on one assistant but when both L and S showed and I couln't decide, I hired them both on a trial but they stayed 25 years LOL


There were others as the years went by but they only lasted a short while. So there were times when we had 2 assistants and times when there was only L until another S came along, but that is a story for another day...

At this point I had no income and having no training in business had no idea concerning what I was doing or even what I wanted... Plus, your mind not being filled with stuff can actually be good. I mean what was the worst that could happen? Have a patient die in the chair? Go bankrupt? Have to leave town and work pimping myself out for $50 blow jobs? Just go for it! And one thing is certain, being a boss is really fun.

OK, here we are on day one and I am sure the majority of patients who arrived were just checking me out; you know, new guy better go donate a few bucks LOL

BIG MISTAKE Numero UNO (Many more as you will see)

Along with no business training, there was no people training. All we were told was that we were the DOCTOR! People will do what you tell them or can leave and for a while most of them did... I was very quickly crowned the highest priced and meanest dentist in town. When I look back, I truly can not believe I was such an ass...

We started the day at 0800 and were open til 1700 Monday - Friday and half a day Saturday; another dumb thing to do; don't be too harsh as we were all still learning; I fixed that soon enough because within 6 months our schedule had been changed to Monday and Wednesday, 0730-1900, Tuesday and Thursday, 0700-1200 and no Friday or Saturday. Funny thing was that my income went up!?

In addition, I had discovered golf once again and ended up playing 5-6 days a week much to the chagrin of you know who...

Anyway, we plugged along getting used to each other and as it turns out, S & L became great friends. C, on the other hand was another story. Bottom line was that she just wanted to fuck the boss and weren't no one getting in the way...

S turned out to be great at the front desk and phone. L was a great assistant; how lucky can one be? As it turned out C was not an RDH but could clean teeth which back then was allowed for a few years but there did come a time, a time shortly after C had left and I did have a real RDH, when a man with a badge dropped by :) but that is a story for another time...

I was always downstairs in the office by 0600 and it didn't take too long before C started to arrive early ostensibly to discuss patients. Of course the topics seemed to become more personal and soon we were discussing subjects like best fellatio and cunnilingus techniques. To shave or not to shave? How big is to big? These discussions led to other things...

For example, one morning it was really raining and it was a cold rain that chills one to the bone. The raindrops falling sounded like machine gun bullets hitting the porch and it was kind of a mellowing sound. I felt like I was in a far-away place lice the Philippines where it rains like that every dayduring monsoon season. 

Anyway, C walks in the door and of course she was soaked and shivering. I could see her nipples under her tight scrubs and since her bottoms were a bit wet, I could see she was without any panty's. This, of course aroused me a bit and I suggested she go upstairs and dry her scrubs and have some coffee. Sounded good to me. Nothing suggestive there. 

She, however declined and said she would just use the bathroom and do the best she could.

The office was not that big and I could hear her squeezing her clothes when suddenly I was startled when she called out to me. She wanted me to come help her...? 

When I walked into the bathroom her bra was on the counter and she was squeezing her top. I guess my mouth was open because she walked up, put her hands on my cheeks and kissed me! 

WOW, what a surprise!

I came back to earth as I became slowly aware of being unzipped. Of course, by the time the zipper was down, my cock decided he wanted to play.

So here we are, cock out, top off and I love to suck nipples anyway so what's a guy gonna do?

I do remember her sighs she leaned back against the counter and my moist lips found her engorged right nipple.

As I licked and sucked I could feel her soft hands stroking my hard cock and as the testosterone was flowing freely by now, I had other ideas about what to do with willy.

BTW, knowing that my #2 might come dancing down the stairs or S or L might have walked in at any moment kind of ratcheted up the excitement a notch or two...?

I slide he bottoms slowly down over her hips about halfway down her beautiful thighs and much to my amusement was delighted to see a VJ lip ring.

We kissed again, our tongues going deep as she inserted the head into her pussy and then started to rub its moist head on her clit.

Her moan got louder and I thought perhaps it might be heard upstairs but really didn't give a damn; I was moaning a bit myself.

All of a sudden my cock was inside of her bit only half way. Screwing standing up is not as easy as you might think so I did the next best thing and turned  her around. 

As she bent ovrer the counter, I took her from behind and as she ground against me I knew she wanted it all.

It got very heated, very quickly with the urgency that we might be discovered so it did not take very long when suddenly she pushed me back, got down on her knee, took my throbbing member, now covered with her pussy juices and took me deep into her mouth. The sensation was unbelieveable and I was aware my cock grew even more; of that is possible?

I had no idea what she had in mind and as I exploded, she did not stop, swallowing every bit of my explosion.

As we calmed down, she stood up and reached up to kiss me, me being an equal opportunity lover, kissed her back with tongues moving around and around. Exchanging bodily fluids was not a problem back then.

I quickly zipped myself up and wandered out to my office just in time to hear the front door open ans S walked in; bright, smiling and dry as a bone. I guess she knew what an umbrella was.

The rest of the day was kind of boring as I thought back to the morning. I even felt myself getting hard when I remembered and could almost feel the head of my cock rubbing against her clit.

Oh well, time for some wine...

So here we are again...

I have realized that although I would like to give to a day by day , this is not possible. So, feelings as I remember them; the good and the bad.

I remember that early on the patients were leaving with regulrity and I honestly do not know how we staayed in business during the early times.

I finally realized I needed help and fortunately for us, I met a Texas dentist who was sharing his knowledge. He must have been successful because he owned an airplane and he and 3 others flew all over playing at different golf courses. He was a golf fanatic as I was and a successful dentist so I figured I wanted to no what he was doing in his office.

I read all of his material and watched his videos.

Lesson here: His message was simple. FIRST, Get in step with your patients and do what they want to do! When you give people what they want, they will do what you want.

I know it sounds simple but it took me the longest time to really understand what he was teaching there. It seemed so foreign, almost illegal, but when I did, WOW, how things began to change. It just seemed to go against what I learned in dental school. (What I was taught in school about practice management was totally wrong). 

I remember one day a nice lady, we will call her Sally, was in my chair. She was good friends with my mother-in-law although I did not know this at the time. 

She had a painful tooth and wanted it pulled. I, the know-it-all doctor had learned that teeth should be saved and suggested we do a root canal. She told me she did not want a root canal and wanted it pulled. 

The x-ray showed it looked to be an easy procedure but I just felt the tooth should be saved.

We discussed this for a long time we neither side giving in and to this day I do not know why she stayed so long.

Anyway, the discussion got a bit heated because I just KNEW I WAS RIGHT!!

I was almost like I was going to save her soul LOL

Finally, very upset, she left. I was upset too. I could not, at that time, understand why anyone would not want to save a "good" tooth like that one.

The next week I ran into my mother-in-law and she mentioned Sally and how upset she was at me for not pulling her tooth. Further, she related that Sally had gone to another dentist and he had pulled the tooth out with no argument!

I could not understand this at all. I almost reported him for malpractice.

Now it is obvious what happened. Sally wanted her tooth out so she came to a dentist...me. 

I wouldn't do it and I was obnoxious in telling her so.

Therefore, she found another dentist who was a lot better dealing with peopl than I was.

I still did not agree with removing the tooth and still do not but now I know how I should have handled it.
In my experience, when a person has a toothache, they want the pain to stop and they think the way to do that is to extract the tooth.

However, what if you offer to take the pain away without removing the tooth and you could do it in about 20 minutes?

In my experience, most people will agree to this when you explain that all you have to do to relieve the pain is make a little hole in the top of the tooth and the pain goes away. We could then discuss further treatment at a later date.

So the patient gets what they want and so do I. :)

When people return, the tooth feels better and most really want to save their tooth. The majority will then agree to save the tooth with the root canal.

As time went on, with the help of the Texas dentist, Things improved a great deal as I learned ways to better treat patients both in dentistry and personal relations. The staff helped a lot and at our meetings, they could not understand why it was such a problem for me to "GET IT"!.

I have thought about this many, many times and I finally figured out it was because I was very stuck in being right.

I later learned when I did some work with Scientology that this is one of the biggest and strongest promblems people have. So much in fact, many will go to their grave being "right" even though they are wrong!

This attitude carried over to women and probably is one of the reasons I was married five times.


It was about that time I made another BIG mistake.

Marriage a bit shaky (by this time we had 2 boys, Eric and Brent) , practice could be better and I decided to build a house.

My brother-in-law had 125 acres and he agreed to sell me 3 acres and build the house (he was a contractor.) so away we went.

The house was finished including the heated pool (500/mo for propane to heat it! and this was back in the 70's).

The marriage got worse and I finally did something tohasten its end.

I had hired a new assistant, She had a great personality, was very good looking and had a way about her that made me want to just grab her and kiss her.

Back then I was very much a lothario I  must admit, and the heat built up quickly.

One day I asked her to cum to my office and when she did I sort of hemmed and hawed about how she was doing well and she was cute etc. 

Finally she just blurted out, "You mean you want get it on..."... WOW shocked LOL but O had to agrree and that moment came very soon.

One day she came up to me and asked if I wanted to come over for a drink. I was surprised because she was married but she only said that he goes to bed early.

Later, after dark, I drove by her house several times and finally at about 10  PM, I went up and knocked. She answered and as I went into this small but nice A-frame, I noticed a 357 mag hung on the kitchen wall (Oh Oh?)

I guess she could see I was nervous and explained he was smoked every night, goes to bed and does not wake until morning!

I was still nervous and as I later drove away, I could not believe I had spent the evening on the floor naked and with the husband upstairs and a gun in the house! 

She and I hook up a lot which culminated in me leaving my wife.

More on this later but for now we lived in the house for a little while.

I was divorced and this was costly. I ended up getting rid of the house and moving back into the house over my practice.

It was a fun time but I felt guilty at the same time.

I guess it was the kids?

Dr Sherwood Tucker


About the Author

Working on a remote Indian reservation gives me the time to work on my story. Many experiences, some great and some not so great but all were definitely learning experiences. I hope you are enjoying this so far as it is a work in progress and I hope you have learned from my mistakes.

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